What's the Biome in Chicago? (Actually important)

For those unfamiliar with the new event news: http://kotaku.com/pokemon-goss-next-big-event-asks-players-worldwide-to-w-1796842153

Ok. So, read up first. Then you understand my thread title question. Whatever people at the fest are catching it determines what the perks of our event will be. It then plays backward, after the go fest people"unlock" the bonus we, around the world, catch more of that type to increase its duration.

Ball bounces back. Do enough and the fest people get an awesome phase 2 perk. Final volley ball toss. THEY kick ass on whatever that is and WE get a Phase 3 perk (I’m thinking 2 and 3 are legendaries).

So, for example. I want people over there to catch lots and lots of grass types. Stardust is the only real hype I’m on, and anyone should be on. I want them to chase and bag and not let a single shit-Paras get away.

I also want all of us to do that as well. But, Chicago might not get grass types. There might be whole event bonuses that can’t get activated due to biome restrictions.

I mean, it’s not even judging from all of Chicago, huh? Just the event grounds?

So, what are we looking at seeing from the event, to all the natives?