What will the next community day pokémon be? UPDATE: It's bulbasaur. Yay :-/

I believe it’ll be a pokémon that will be more useful than pikachu, as likeable and/or useable as dratini but probably, “probably” not as rare. Here are my picks.

• geodude
• eevee
• machop

In case it will be rare here are my rare picks.

• lapras
• snorlax
• chansey

Since I have you, what will the next legendary be? I for one believe it’ll be latias and latios and they’ll rotate after about 15-30 days like zangoose and seviper. Latias in the west, latios in the east and then they’ll switch.

I don’t think it will be chansey because of the Valentine’s Day event.


I agree with Latios/Latias, But I think that the next community day Pokémon will be Exeggcute

I considered that too but then I said nah.

Me too but because of how important it is I threw it in.

I think Eevee with all eeveelutions shiny when you evolve them during the 3 hours could be fun.
Also a shiny starter event could be an interesting one, tough it will be hard to get all 9 of them (and then their evolves).

While that is probably the case, I also think Chansey during Valentine’s day was a complete and utter failure. Between the hundreds of Luvdiscs, I saw only 2 Chanseys on my radar, which both disappeared when I got nearby. Seriously, Chansey during Valentine wasn’t even worth mentioning. So it warrants a proper Chansey event to make up for that ridiculous minimal spawn during Valentine.


team rocket seems to be a theme lately so, meowth, ekans and koffing.

My two best guesses are eevee and charmander because they are generation one with popular shiny variants that are also semi-useful

Yup, I saw (and caught) exactly one Chansey and no shiny Luvdisc.

I think Com Days might focus on Gen 1 in near future to make the older 'Mons a bit more attractive again with new shinies. So, Geodude, Evee, Machop and Exeggcute might be Options as well as Gen 1 Starters.

I would be absolutely over the moon if it was Machop!

I want it to be pidgey, so then we can get a common shiny.

It might even be grimer, since they are pretty rare

charmander would break niantic servers.

What about Mareep? Pretty rare, and it seems that not a tone of people have Ampharos yet… I think we’ll get Mareep on at least one of the community days. Also, I can see Grimer, Machop, maybe some gen 3’s later in the year (Ralts is the one that comes to mind). I dunno, I honesty think a Magikarp day is needed. I NEED Gyradose.

Charmander would be a nice one. i’d also love to see Onix.

Bulbasaur CONFIRMED!


bulba… bulba-SAUR!

should of been charmander.