What was your most random rare spawn?

Share your screenshots of your rare pokemon that was randomly found in wild. My most random spawn is really funny i guess. I was driving (as passenger of course) through my nearest big city to Ikea, and i randomly (yes! no maps/hacks!) found wild Dewgong that was in random place, it wasn’t near Pokestop or something! And i was so lucky that my GPS allowed to click on it! It (Team instinct lauguage) is pretty decent, has attack good and it definitely got good stats!

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Found this while i was doing some legendary raids today

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Incense spawn on New Years Day while on holiday in Wales. Somewhat fitting I guess

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Incense spawn are even better so feel happy! Well, exept for your dragonite’s cp…

I got this while stardust grinding today

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i was at home depot.

Dragonite spawns just after 5 of us (YES FIVE) failed a charizard raid yesterday

I believe that this topic is dead, but still:
I randomly found him under gym when i was going home from school. I decided to add to gym, so i approached it, and suddenly, BAM! ~1830 cp that didn’t show up in nearby! Lucky me!: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NiVljFKEBYESJRosEBU0Ch5RxWkUHNy0

Found this out in the wild super randomly. This was also my dex entry for Hitmontop


This one in the first month of the game. I was at Level 22 back then. It had enormous CP . . . I pushed it to CP3017


machamp back when the game had first launched. there were 3 lures going at the local mall and it just showed up, and i managed to get it.

a rhydon and charmeleon spawned too, but they ran

Farfetch’d! Very excited about this one. Only adequate stats, but I never saw one before.

i was with my friends outside.We were tired of raiding.We just sat on a randoom place and started talking.On the same day i said i want a wild Blissey.Somebody heard my wish…And 1 hour later a wild frickin Blissey

This one today on my way to work, sadly I have a quick finger that pushes the button even when seeing what spawns. I posted it in our raid group and one player got it. She’s on the same level and it had 2841 CP

It’s most definitely an exercise in self control and discipline to not push the Go Plus button as soon as you feel the vibration.
I had a few good Pokémon get away in the early days of using one.
I’ve got fairly good at holding off now.

I have been on my college’s campus for just over three months, and because we are in a water biome I have only seen three charmanders total. This morning, however I got to work, checked Pokémon Go and there was a 112cp Charizard just chilling at the stop!

I have had Dragonite spawn for me twice. Took quite a few Ultra balls to catch him. The only final form starter I’ve had spawn for me was Blastoise. He only had 300 CP though.

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I was today in Shopping Centre in my near huge city, i touched iPhone X and Nintendo Switch, and caught this guy! ~150cp but at least i got 20 candies

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My brother put up a lure, and a blissey showed up… Also, heś encountered 2 dragonites in the wild. Ie seen togetic wildly, and seen 3 snorlaces on myy nearby list, as well as a typhlosion, a lapras, 2 foretress, a dragonair, and a rhydon (Ie only been playing since august 8th og this year, and my brother only a month longer than I)

Went for a Larvitar on the map on the way home from work last night. Got that and was about to drive off when a large CP Mareep made an appearance in the corner of the screen. Caught the useless thing thinking more candy for the collection to one day finish the 96% Ampharos.
Put it through Poke Genie this morning :flushed::flushed::flushed: