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What value or reason to complete medals

I am at level 35 in POGO and have several medals completed, just from playing. Reading this site I found people wanting to complete medals and was thinking why, what’s the benefit. Any info appreciated.

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Well, the typing medals give you quite an awesome boosts in catchrates for the type
Others are just to show off, and keep track of your total steps, pikachu caught, etc

Well, just for LOL’s and showing off.

Pokemon go to be a game of augmented reality maybe a little deviated from the subject and many people are confused but the medals are basically the objectives you have to perform in the pokemon world (both in video games and in anime).
You start being a coach, people who are responsible for capturing, raising, training and caring for such creatures (criapokemon, pokecolector)
The goal of the coaches in the games is to become the champion of the Pokémon League (champion), after defeating the High Command. To access this challenge they must defeat the 8 gym leaders, located in different cities throughout the region. (Gym leader)
In general, every coach’s dream is to become a Pokémon master who could be said to be the kind of coach that is above all others.

For me, you get to be a pokemon master in the game by completing all the medals and reaching level 40 maybe … Greetings!

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Trainer, its not coach but trainer
Quite sure I couldnt understand you last time you wrote a comment, google translates it as “coach” when what you mean is a "trainer"
High command seems to be the Elite Four

Exactly a translation error, the correct thing is trainer.
I should add that a pokemon master would also have to complete the pokedex of each region

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Thanks I got it now, :blush: I am glad I found this site

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There is no bonus for getting all the medals, it’s just something else to do :slight_smile:

Capture rate bonus for type medals tho

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