What trainer type are you?

what trainer type are you?

  • 1)the monsters creator-create and train the most devestating pokemons everything else or below it no
  • 2)the beauty seeker-level up and develop only beautyful pokemons
  • 3)none type trainer-level up and power whatever with no perfernce

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I only keep and train Pokémon whose Max CP surpass 2500. Of course, they must have good IVs and useful moves too.

100I IVs

I like powering up my favorite pokemon, even if they’re not “good” or “meta-relevant”.

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Same, I’ve already decided that my first Pokémon to be maxed out when I hit level 38 will be Sudowoodo (my first perfect), Mr. Mime (I got him in a trip to Europe), and dusclops (my first shiny).

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