What The Heck?!

Ok? If it isn’t a mistake, that is game optymalization

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It is happening to many players and you are lucky to have it… very rare and valuable! I guess

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Special, yes… but valuable? I like more the other version of the pics


This looks so cool!

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Wait what does that mean short summary please


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I’m really sad. This isn’t optimization, this is awfull.


Gen 3 has it too now

Amazing, I REALLY hope they will keep this
Or at least give us the option to decide what we want


@Necrozmadabest please no

This is an april fools joke


Please yes

Poll: Should Niantic offer 2 or more Pokemon style options? (Availability to choose your own Pokemon style)

  • Yes
  • No
  • Nevermind

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Please join the petition if you answer ‘yes’.

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How can somebody be against more options?

And why not?

Because that would limit those who want something different?
Having more options doesnt limit yours in any way

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There it’s again… imagine a new option where you see instead of pokemon different types of rubbish.

Do you really think I have to feal joy, because they have given me another option of freedom? Noooo

And? You could still choose to not view that “rubbish” (guess the only Pokemon game youve ever had was Go, eh?), but if somebody wanted to see that, why would you take that option from them?

Better not to go further, enjoy the option…