What the double what!

So I live right down a crematorium…creepy…yeah, make it a bit creepier…it’s a gym and right now it’s taken over two ghost Pokémon. Now here’s why I’m writing to you guys. I battle either one and restart or battle the two and when I come back they are fully healed up.

I know, some people use berrys to heal their gym poke but I’ve spent at least one hour battleing these guys and they keep getting healed. Constantly…is this a hack? Or are the ghosts of the cremated dead healing the ghost Pokémon? They get in naturally healed un naturally fast. Is there a way to report these players if they are hacking? Please advise or…



No, it is a golden razz berry.

They fully heal a pokemon.

But if you take out a mon fast, back out and take it out fast again, you can beat the gym holders.
Every 30 minutes you can use up to ten berries.


I’m not salty competitive…and I didn’t see anyone in the whole facility. Place was closed…who knows, there was one light on so maybe someone lives inside. Scary hashtag.

Here’s how the battles went:

Enter gym. Fight. Beat poke 1 at 137 cp…beat it down to 100…on to next, down to like 900 from 1130 or something. Start gym again full health…repeat times 6 times…same result.

Go again, this time was able to get first poke to 60 HP…on to next poke, down to who knows, lower, start gym again, back to 100% health yet another like 4 times.

Frustrated.jpg …fight poke one, win, quit gym so I could fight poke one again at 60 HP, poke back to 100% HP…4 more times from almost dead at 60HP…fiancé calls after one hour or so WTF ARE YOU…ummm at the crematorium down the street fighting ghosts #GottaBattle’emAll #SleepingOnTheCouch


I wish the Lavender Town music would come back. It actually relaxed me and I enjoyed it. My kids hated it though.


Maybe this Halloween???

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I loved it last year, but it bothered my son,

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Why? I liked it, and it gave me a reason to have the music on.

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I loved the music. It creeped my son out.

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Lavender town was haunted, i dont blame him.


How many Pokemon were in the Gym? @Steve

If it was only the 2 Ghosts this is how they can stay in for so long.
Lets assume it’s only the 2 Ghosts and both accounts are owned by the same person and they have both devices open.
Lets assume they start at full health and it takes 3 round to knock them out.
You do the first round of battling both reducing their health.
You go again for round 2 and knock them down some more.
You come back for round 3 and they are at full health because the Ghosts trainers have thrown a Gold Razz at each one.
The person is able to do this to both Pokemon 10 times off each account in 30min so if they own both accounts they can do this 20 times in 30mins.

The best way to beat these Players is to do the following.
Use your best counters to Ghost type that can make the battle as quick as possible.
Don’t battle through all the Pokemon in sequence.
Target the first one only.
Win your first round then select the run from battle top left corner.
Enter the battle again and do exactly the same (win and jump out)
Enter the battle a third time (very important to record in your mind what the CP is and watch the CP you knocked it down by) and one of 2 things will happen. You will either knock that Pokemon out or they would have Gold Razzed it. If you got the jump on them and knocked it out you must go to the next battle and not jump out. The reason for this if you jump out and try to re-enter to battle to do the next one it will give you an Error and you’ve got no hope of re-engaging the Gym for battle so best to move on. If they Gold Razzed it you need to keep repeating the battle and jump out. Remember to watch those CP’s.
If they are Gold Razzing and own both Pokemon the best they can do is Gold Razz 20 times (10 from each account) than they are done. As long as you can get it done in 30mins they cant stop you from winning eventually.
Once you get to the 2nd Pokemon it becomes very easy as they now only have 10 Razz’s to mess with you.

If your lucky you can get the jump as sometimes there is notification lag at their end and you’ve completed the third battle before they get notice you’ve done 2 rounds.

Another tip I can give you is revive /heal you Pokemon after the first round only as after your second round you want to jump back in for third as quick as possible.

If a person or person(s) have 3,4,5 or even 6 accounts in that Gym and they are ready your in for a long battle to take the Gym if you only have 1 account or a solo player.


You can feed berrys from the comfort of your home by just clicking on the pokemon in your inventory ingame. Thats probably why you didnt saw anyone.


Just what I was about to Say! Lots of people don’t know about remote berry feeding!!

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