What team are you on and why did you join?

What team are you on and why did you join? I am Team Instinct and I joined by mistake by tapping one randomly because I didn’t know what I even had to do but I still would join Instinct if I was given another choice

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Red team, I like the colour red :blush:


Yellow cause it’s overuse in short form it’s OU


I honestly joined because Candela’s silhouette looked the hottest. I admit it.


Valor. I don’t really remember why but I think it was because I like the colour red.

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Why is spark not hot


Instinct, because Zapdos is the only good Legendary Bird

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Because my parents were in mystic and when I returned from summers camp with scouting, they were already in Pokemon go. It was released while I was on camp

So I joined their team


You forgot Moltres.

I used Moltres in Trainer Battles once and he lost from Candela’s Slugma that had still 75% HP left and hadn’t even used a Charged Attack.

I used Moltres in raid battles and he did well. It has 15 attack and high CP.

The Moltres I used was an 98% with 15 Defense and 15 HP.

I know why Slugma beat your Moltres. It had super effective move.

The game didn’t say that. But maybe that was a bug then.

I discovered that when I was training with Candela, Spark and Blanche. They have moves that are super effective to their counters.


The only gym close to our house is most of the times were held by Valors when I started playing Pokemon Go so I choose Valor thinking it would be beneficial if I am with same Team as my fellow neighborhood PoGo players.

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Did anyone actually read what team leaders said and choose their team because of that?

I read, but it didn’t influence my decision.

That was more than two years ago, so I can’t remember. I think I did though.

Mystic (don’t know why I chose it) but I like the color red better than blue so if I couldn’t be on Mystic I would probably be Valor


Ask Niantic to change the team.

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