What special event box will you be buying?

  • Special Box
  • Great Box
  • Ultra Box
  • I’m a F2P player so none of them

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Probably lone passes since I dont have enough coins

I’m NOT F2P, but I will not buy… and now? What I have to answer?

That’s a good question…

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These boxes are underwhelming, so I don’t think I’ll buy any. Wish they had star pieces in some of the cheaper ones

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For Lvl40 Players it’s no Doubt Ultra Box :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I save the 10 incubators for Safari Zone and all hatches will be rare mons…Now they hatch stupid gen1,2 stupid water mons they have less cp

Ultra box once i get enough coins / gyms.

I can’t afford any of those boxes on 50 coins a day.

Maybe the Great box. It actually depends on hom many Premium Raid passes I spend for Kyogre raids (Shiny Kyogre is my 1st Priority :wink:
Also, has anyone noticed that the Super Incubator is now on the regular sales slot?
The Super Incubators are no longer for limited time. You can buy them anytime you want!!

1 Ultra and as many Greats as my coin allow for mine
As many Greats as I can get on the Wife and Kids.

Pmight get multiple great boxes