What should we keep for the future trading system?

Hey Trainers o/

One day, the trading system will be added to the game. Ok, probably not today, or tomorrow, or before 2018, but ! Which pokemon are you keeping in preps’ for this beautiful day?
For now, I kept :

  • all the special hat pikachu (christmas, birthday and Ash’s)
  • all the legendaries
  • all the Tauros, Kangaskhan (and a few M.Mime, but well they are everywhere here @_@)
  • all the Unown

That takes some space in my bag, but I hope this will be useful someday.
So, which pokemon do you keep, why, and do you think they will still be rare when the trading system will come out? (I’m still waiting for Christmas to see if there will be the same special Pikachu >_<)

100 IV mons. 0 IV mons, !!

I am guessing items are tradable too, so “Golden Razz” , but this is an overstatement.

Legacy Movesets. Collector’s Items if you know what I mean by that


I have 2 Legacy mons, a Lapras with a Dragon move and Dragonite with Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw.
Considering most just TM’d their legacy movesets they should be incredibly valuable for trading.

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Yep @leonk98 - the old Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw Dragonite will be a hot commodity!

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It depends totally on what else you have. My wife TMed her 95% because it is her 2nd best Pokémon and it’s does more damage with outrage. I have several legacy move Pokémon for trading because I have better.

True, I had a Psycho Cut/Psychic Alakazam and TM’d it for Future Sight. When trading comes out, people are going to desire Legacies purely for that reason: Many Legacy movesets were terrible, and very few people hung onto them.

I think the legacy move market will be small, bad moves won’t be very desirable except to the purest collectors. I doubt the pool of interested people will be large.

I do see the market for Shinies and good Pokémon with high IVs being huge, lots of people will want those.

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Well, if trading wasn’t an in-person thing I’d be more than happy to trade with anyone here.
Shinies will definitely be highly desirable, as (estimate) about 40% of the player base have one, and even fewer have more than one.

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Has Niantic ever even suggested they want to add this?

Not to be a negative nancy but THIS pokemon game just doesn’t need it, and I foresee it doing more harm than good.

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Just so you know, from the other thread, I am not a spoofer. I have never spoofed and I don’t even use trackers. I achieved my level 36 (nearly 37) by playing the game the way it is supposed to be played.That thread was closed for no good reason IMO, but I wanted to make that clear.

It’s in the TOS already.


Trading items… it says nothing about trading pokemon.

Interesting find though.

First sentecnce specifically references “Pokemon characters or creatures (“Trading Items”)”.
They will however have a lot of work to do in order to make the system work so it will be interesting to see how long it takes to implement.