What Scanner with IV do you use?

I use a scanner, pokehuntr.co, and it works but does not show IV. DOes anyone have a IV scanner that will work in LA?

I actually use pokehunter.co LOL.

Disclaimer: this is not for everyone.


This is a website is use since the start of PoGo. So it’s not an app
It requires a login via your account and turns most people of that way. I’ve been using it for 21 months now, safely.

Pro: all you pokemon in 1 feel swoop scanned for IV
con: not an app and requires login.

For me, and 95% of everyone who tried it even once: there is no better.

Below a screenshot of my top pokemon filtered by CP, to see what info you’ll get.


I use a variety of tools to help me play the game:
The first is pokemongomap.info, it works anywhere in the world and I use it for potential EX location scouting. It’s also helpful at showing you all the PokeStops/gyms in a given area. It has filters for parks and can impose s2 cell lines on top of the map. Very helpful .
I also use Gymhuntr, mainly to locate nearby raids. Easy to use, works anywhere but does occasionally go Down and won’t scan anything.
For IV scanning I use PokeGenie. It’s a screenshot based IV app that gives you the complete rundown of all the stats of that Pokémon, how much stardust to max it out, how well it can perform in raids, it’ll pretty much do everything.
Finally for Pokémon I use a local discord server that gives me the location of desirable spawns (high CP, IV, etc). If you can find one for your area it will be a valuable asset. Plus a lot of people organise raids through a Discord server so it’s a good idea to try and find one.

To end it off i’m attaching a few regional locked scanners, so if you’re ever in one of these places you have a scanner. Hope all of this helps!

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That pokemongomap.info is great. I use it for placing new portals in Ingress to see where we would get new gyms the fastets (set it to level 14 & 17 cells).

Those scanners also show if a raid is eligible for an EX pass

That wasnt the question of this topic, but Im interested in using it, I will just do a bit more research and testing with alt account before using it, my main account is too precious

I use Pokeassistant.com

I use PokeGenie

Guys, he was asking for a map that shows IVs, not IV scanners

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then use this scanner.