What’s the lowest possible Pokémon Level?

related topic – what’s the lowest level a Pokémon can be? Is there a Level 0? Or is Level 1 the weakest?

Level 1 is the lowest possible level. Everything with 10CP is definitely a Level 1 Pokemon.

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Thanks. I think that gives the level-1 Dwebble hundo my friend just caught pretty good hack value. Even better than my level-40 zero-IV magnezone.

I personally am glad I don’t have a Level 1 Hundo😅

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If the kind of Pokémon isn’t relevant to the game meta, a hundo is basically as much of a trophy as a shiny with low IV is, as far as I’m concerned.

from stardust perspective training pokemon from lvl1 to lvl20 is less than 20% of stardust required to train from 1 to 40. So it really makes little difference if your hundo is lvl1 or lvl20…

:thinking: Good Point. Since the Dwebble isn’t useful, though, I would just leave the hundo at level 1, for the novelty of it. (It’s not likely to impress anybody even if I max it out, nor make much headway in the battle league, anyway.)

Or in some cases a level 2… (magikarp ik looking at you)

I might use a low CP hundo to power up to complete a power up research if I’m low on dust and the reward is something I need. A 400 dust X 3 doesn’t hurt any. I don’t power up below 90 IV or level 25

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Can’t a pokemon go under 10 cp in a gym?

To 0, but I think all other values have to be in his CP-table

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