What’s is the best eeveelution?

I want to evolve my Shundo Eevee but can’t decide what to get…

  • 1.Vaporeon
  • 2.Flareon
  • 3.Jolteon
  • 4.Umbreon
  • 5.Espeon
  • 6.Leafeon
  • 7.Glaceon
  • 8.Sylveon

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My vote is because I like him most, no relation to any fighting meta.

Flexeon :grin:

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Well I wish that existed :joy:

Remember when Vaporeon reigned during release and it got nerfed? I was debating between Vaporeon and Umbreon.


Glaceon and Sylveon likely will see more action due to their effectiveness against most Dragon-type Legendaries, but Jolteon is a nice budget option as well for some others. I voted Sylveon for being the better shiny between Glaceon and Sylveon.

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