What’s happening with Team Rocket?

Does anyone know what is happening with Rocket team?

In what sense?

Just a guess about what you might mean:

Team GO Rocket Special Research update:
It seems that Team GO Rocket has been quiet lately, so from May until the end of September, there’ll be no new Team GO Rocket Special Research available. Professor Willow and the team find this very odd and will continue to investigate to see if they can find any leads. We hope this means this is the last we’ll see of Team GO Rocket, but knowing the capabilities of these villains, we highly doubt that’s the case! Stay tuned for any updates. We really don’t expect Team GO Rocket to be quiet all summer…


really? it kinda obvious with the “not going outside” situation. Rocket activity is postponed so not too many people miss out on it / are pushed to take risk not wanting to miss out. Most, if not all, other stuff you can do from home, Rockets only if you live on a pokestop and even then it will take forever to complete something.

Jessie and James where just removed from the game. And that after being in the code for a week(or less). :man_shrugging:

Up to now it was necesary to look for Pokéstop in a wide range to play with Team Rocket. In this times of confinement thats not a secure way to play…

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A wild bewear appeared

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I’d like to see Jessie and James in Pokemon GO. And Meowth of course :smiley_cat:

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Jessie and James have been found in the code ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Perhaps in the future

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