What’s going on with Mewtwo in the dex?

In the Pokédex, my Mewtwo evolution is shadowed as you can see below. I checked my other legendaries and mythicals, and though they of course don’t evolve, in the “evolution” part they clearly appear. It’s also shadowed for example for Deoxys speed form since I didn’t catch it yet, but I did catch a few Mewtwos, so…what’s going on? Something coming?

I actually just checked, and Deoxys speed form no longer appears in the dex

Groudon leaves raid battles on July 12th. Coincidentally, another Pokemon event will be taking place on this date: the release of the remake of the first Pokemon movie, Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution, in Japan. The movie features a Mewtwo in a suit of armor, being experimented on by Team Rocket.

Hmm, should it?:thinking:

There allready have been traces of it in 0.139.3:

Armored Mewtwo

But they said armoured Mewtwo would only be released in the movie, not in any games.

They said indeed, but it is a lot of coincidence right now:

  • Groudon leaves right at the introduction of the new movie with Armored Mewtwo
  • There are things going on in the Mewtwo dex
  • There are new Mewtwo forms found in the code called ‘Mewtwo_A’: Mewtwo_Armored?

I still see Mewtwo’s Dex number

We aren’t supposed to talk about secret Team Rocket experiments in regular threads


There will be some event about Mewtwo. He was featured in the picture for the Pokemon GO anniversary.

Have you ever seen Mewtwo obeying?:smiling_imp: