What Pokémon will you be using the ultra TM on?

When the new TM comes out in a few week, what will your Pokémon and what move will you giving to it? I m thinking about a faster charging move for my Mewtwo.

Im saving it for when Kyogre or Groudon get their signature moves. (if that ever happens).

Think they will but don’t think it will be this year as everything is getting put back for the covid 19. I do think it will eventually be a reward after each set for the leaderboard.

For a moment we can have Mewtwo either with Psystrike or Shadow Ball - it would be nice to have them both together :slight_smile:

Lol, that would be a monster in battles. And would destroy most things in battle as a level 40 maxed. I don’t think giving legendary would be a good idea because the stronger ones would be near impossible to beat and will drag battles out to the limits of you had two the same.

The issue with Mewtwo knowing both Psystrike and Shadow Ball is that it’s poorly effective against Dark-types, and with some respectable Dark Types with access to Snarl and Dark Pulse already in the meta, it’s just not a good idea.

As for the Elite TM–unless they changed it to Ultra TM and I didn’t see that–I have a small list of Pokemon that I have that really need the moves. Metagross, Salamence and Rhyperior are at the top, since two of them I had hundos and LONG evolved them before their respective community days, so I missed out on those moves. It will be amazing to have access to those moves on my strongest and not dinky shinies.

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The only use for this TM is to give a CD Pokemon that was evolved pre or post CD it’s best Charge Move.
I’ve go 100% L40 Venusaur, Charizard, Feraligator and Swamprat that could do with their best move.

There’s also Mew for people who intend to use it in Go Battle League.

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There is a few 100% Pokémon I have that are sitting on the best moves possible for it. The full thing is annoying. I battle and learn what’s what but don’t really struggle with any except dahlia. But can get job done with melmetal and then blast through the other regulars like swampert and dragonite easily. It’s a case of that two more ultra charged TM is available for 1280 coins with other things available in box with it. How much does this change battles will be very evident quickly

Personally i would only use it on Pokemon wich cant learn the move you want trough a normal TM. Sure Mew is a hassle, but you can get all its attacks with both normal TM’s.
I actually got so many from PvP that ive spent ~20 each yesterday to give it the moveset i wanted. Still got 29 and 66 spare :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know the feeling…

I deleted some for the bag space, they actually get annoying after a while. On the last level to get to 40 and lockdown is actually slowing progress massively. Going to do a lot of research over the next few days to find out best DPS moves and for what Pokémon. Gives me something to work towards

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I can’t decide between Frenzy Plant for my Great League Venasaur, Hydro Canon for my 100% L40 Swamprat or Blast Burn for my 100% L40 Charizard.

That is a tough decision but I would go for swampert as it’s a little harder to be defeated in PvP. Charizard is taken down by regulars like garydos or how ever it’s spelt and venusaur is very vunerable to fire and ice and that goes with another set of regulars.

Frenzy Plant Sludge Bomb Venusaur does pretty well in Great League. I think Swampert and Charizard aren’t the best for Master League as I rarely saw them. I’d go for the Frenzy Plant (Sludge Bomb) Venusaur I think.

Swampert is actually a great choice in all three leagues, it can absolutely pummel neutral targets with its lightning-fast (and quite strong) attacks, it’s essentially a water-ground Melmetal (speaking of Melmetal, that boi is also pretty much countered)

My Elite Charge TM choice was easy - Ive had a hundo Mewtwo I’ve had since the Chikorita CD, so I gave him Psystrike, if I start getting a lot of them I might give it a second move

A lot of hundo Mewtwos? Or a lot of Elite Charge TMs?

Guessing you meant the latter, then what Pokémon would you use it on if you had only one?

Yeah he has some tough attacks and charges crazy fast. Pretty much the reason i have Grass pokemon in my great and ultra league teams. In master league i dont mind seeing it that much. Dies too fast to my Kyogre or Dialga fast attacks.

Yup, multiple TMs
I’d probably keep it in case we get signature attacks for somethinf

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Ooh, good thinking. That might happen for Groudon and Kyogre specifically.

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