What Pokémon is currently your buddy?

Mine is Feebas (trying to get Milotic)



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Lol, why Pidgey?

I needed candy for evolves

Here it’s more easy to catch them then walking… :joy:

Myone in this moment is a Shelgon

Can i see a pic of pidgey?

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Some time ago it was a Bagon, now he’s a Shelgon, and he needs only 9 candies more to evolve…

Rhyhorn, hes the strongest one i have

Right now I’ve got Charizard as my buddy to build up more candy for the next Community day. Incidentally I’m also putting the Charmander family in gyms so people can get more candy from feeding berries…

Why would people want even more candies
We have a CD incoming

If people have 125 candies or less they will probably want more for the day to evolve at least two Charizards (maybe a good IV charmander they already have & one they catch on the day) plus one shiny.
Plus you’re probably going to need another 200+ to fully power one of those 3 up after the event has finished. That’s what I’d be aiming for anyway, never hurts to have a few hundred candy lying around. Who knows we may have to evolve a Charizard down the track for a research quest :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why would someone want a shiny

Yeah, those things… pffft :triumph:

I mean a shiny charizard
He is reaaaly ugly

In walking my only lileep because cradily is the last thing I need to finish my regional Pokédex

Not everyone might agree with you.

Over smaak valt niet te twisten.


To me a shiny is a shiny, no matter what.


Lairon, cp 1700 to get a good aggron.