What pokemon have you hatched from the windy boosted eggs?

What pokemon have you specifically hatched?

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None yet. I hatch my oldest eggs first.

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So far, Wynaught, Dratini, Trapinch, Tangela, Shuckle & Numel.

My only one so far has been a dratini, at least it’s not skarmory…

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I hatched a good mix…2 dratini, 2 larvitar, beldum, febas, bagon

Just dratini so far. I just got a windy 5k today.

Hatched a ralts, but got another 10k underway

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Only 10km Egg was a Mareep.
Quite happy as I needed that candy for my first Ampharos.

Congrats… I am still searching the globe for mareeps… My wife has had more luck. She hatched 4 mareeps in a row!

Bagon was my first windy 10km egg.

First hatch was Dratini. Haven’t hatched more

The three 10k eggs I’ve gotten during the event were a feebas and two dratini, can’t say I’m thrilled so far

Hatched a wingull, 2 trapinch, skarmory, feebas, abra, and swablu today. I think thats it, might be missing 1.

Only ones of note so far are a 100%Wingull (:confused:) and a 91% Feebas…
But still 100% is 100% :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just looked and noticed I didn’t hatch anything today.