What pokemon do you keep, and which ones do you transfer?

I am wondering what you do with your pokemon. Do you keep one of each or transfer them to the professor?
Is there any use keeping them in your bag if they don’t have enough cp to battle?

Keep the ones with the highest IVs or ones that have sentimental value to you.

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I keep one of each plus high IVs and useful fighters. I also keep a handful of my regionals (Tauros,Heracross and Corsola) just in case trading becomes a thing. I keep sentimental mons from when I travel or that I had to work really hard for. I keep all the legendaries of course. The rest of my bag space is usually occupied by mons I’m planning to evolve for XP grinding

Pokemon>2500 cp, regionals, pidgeys, and a few pf my favorite pokemon.

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I also have collections as a “side game” like my lvl 1 evolved collection and Kangaskhans with all movesets (legacy and current)


Multiples of each.
High importance placed on high IV as well as some massive high CP’s as long as they are >50%

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Wow that’s a lot of pokemon, does that meam you’ve expanded your bag size?
Do you think trading might become a thing in the near future? Be interesting to see how they handle that one.

Pokémon storage is currently 600. It’s been at that number for awhile. I’ve been focusing on expanding item storage recently to accommodate all the rare candy I’ve collected

I keep the Highest IVs, regional exclusives, favourite Pokemon, extremely rare Pokemon and possibly Pokemon for Gen 3 / 4.

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Very fitting username to follow my comment, seeing as I talked about trophy collecting Kangaskhans XD

Should have added my bag space is 1000 and for a long time I had between 700-750. With all the Ledgendary releases caught and building a few more key Raid Battlers that amount has crept up to 840.