What Pokemon are you happiest to see returned from a dead gym?

Went on a marshland walking trail three months ago and put this gal in the only gym there. I was so happy to be reunited again that I powered her up all the way for my level. That’s mine, what Pokemon were you happiest to see returned from a dead gym?

For me it was my 98% Gyarados that has been in a gym since the January. It is so far behind my currently pokemon and I will be powering it up soon!

For me my Tyranitar and Blisseys so I could power them up.

None I only had 2 and one was the only gym I had hold for more than a day (Almost 2 months). My partner was happy to get one of his Dragonites back as we had no idea what gym it was sitting in all this time…

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Can’t say that mons stayed in gyms long enough to be happy they’ve returned. Gyms in my area are lucky to last a week. Having said that I was glad my 91% Espeon came back so I could max him out.