What next after level 40?

I have reached level 40 few weeks ago. Some of my friends were already reached that way sooner than me. A few of my friends had surpassed 40 million XP, one even have 70million XP. Any thought about the future of level 40? Are your XP still counted or they will make a new league for the 40s. Really curious about this, and hoping Niantic read gohub too.

Maybe you have to look for another way to play the game?
Searching for all Shinies, or all Monster as 100% IV in both gender?

I don’t think they will make changes in the top of the levels.

Ingress has been capped at Level 16 for ages now. I dont expect the levels to change. It would be just the number whitout any point behind it to have a higher level, cause then they would have to give all Pokemon higer CP aswell, and thats not gonna happen.
If all you cared about was reaching level 40, then you are done with the game. If you dont care about gyms and getting gold badges for them, or indeed hunting shinies and 100% IVs.

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Still looking for IV 96+ monster, collecting dust for PU mon and still raiding potential gym near home for EX raid pass invitation.

level 40 is not my main goal, fortunately. Playing with friends and new friends in our community makes it exciting. WAG chats were thousands in couple days. Everyday we raids – lunch hour and after office hours mostly. And full day in weekend.


I wonder what hardcore players expect to do level 4 raids alone

I disagree, Pokemon levels could easily be capped at L40 while increasing the XP Levels obtainable in the game for further Levels. They don’t have to be linked.

I still maintain what I posted a while ago in another thread that 5Mil XP for each level past 40 up to say 45 or 50 than increase it by another 2.5Mil to for each Level after than and so on by another 2.5Mil. The rate of leveling up would be quite slow but it would still be an aiming point.

As for a response to the OP with the current Max cap of 40. All you can do is Grind the Dust, Catch and Power up better Pokemon.Maxing the best ones out to absolute full time takes a lot of time. The bigger the collection, the longer it’s going to take.
I have at lest 20 Pokemon I’d like to max out right now but the 1.3Mil Dust I’m currently sitting on will only cover 5 of them :roll_eyes:

Sure you could easilly make it higher. But that would be purely cosmetic, just like 39 and 40 already are now.

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I have 12 level 40 monsters. In our Club 40 (consist of less than 40trainers now) 12 max out monsters considered low. Ha ha. But I played according to my style and my time. Most of them are single so I assume can have more time playing.

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I had just over 20 to the Max before the last update where 2 more Power Ups were added.
I’ve only taken 8 of those the extra 2 Power Ups so far, as I’ve been using it on newer ones. I’ll get back to all of them at some stage.
2 are legendary so I need another 30 rares for each one.

The only other goals that are directly built into the game are finishing the Pokedex and getting all the gold medals.

Any other goal would have to be self made. The most common ones are probably maxing out 100IV Pokemon and Shiny Hunting. Hopefully, Niantic will eventually introduce challenges or PVP as endgame content.