What new Pokemon from the new group have you obtained?

I personally have seen nothing but one baltoy on the nearby. What have you guys personally seen?


I got whismur, nosepass, and numel and have seen a aron nearby.

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I have one wismur and have seen 3 arons on the nearby.

cool aron is really good
(30 letter limit)

The problem is I was in bed and couldn’t get any of them.

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I caught 7 Arons and loudred, no whismur or baltot

Seen some Aron’s, that’s about it

Caughts 10 Whismur, 5 Aron, a Numel and Nosepass so far.

All New captures showcase in 2 screenshots

wishmur a few so far. no others:)

but i haven’t been hunting at all since the newest release, so that’s on me. This weekend will be better.

So far just Aron, Nummel, and Whismur.

Hardly any of the new mons…a few numel and a loudred is all I’ve seen. Kind of a disappointing release for me so far

Added Baltoy today and also evolved a Loudred.

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Whismur, Numel, Baltoy, Aron, Cacnea, Nosepass is all I have so far. I have enough to get a Loudred, just waiting on a 80 something IV Whismur.I also have enough to get a Camerupt just not in a hurry to evolve.

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Forgot I caught a Cacnea too.

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GOT EM all except Lunatone. It is not appearing at night.

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So far, I’ve obtained: Whismur, Loudred, Aron, Cacnea, and Baltoy.

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You call that disapointing?!?! Thats awesome. I only got some arons

I would trade you my numel for an Aron lol

Unfortunately it seems all of the new ones are desert/mountain biome types and I live nowhere near that biome. There is a park about 45 minutes from where I live that has spawned unique mons since the game started, so maybe I should try there when I get a chance