What level for 2800+ pokemon?

Hi guys, right now I am level 24 in the game, but I still don´t have any pokemon over 2.000CP.
I was wondering what level you need to get 2800-2900+ pokemons.
Since I live in Tokyo, all gyms are filled with over 3.000+ pokemon (and even some 4.000 ones), I sometimes manage to take some gyms if their pokemons have suffered some attrition, but yeah, it is hard with my 1.600CP dodrio xD

I’m level 25, and I totally understand the feeling. I think that you don’t have to wait that long to have Pokémon with CP 2800+. My best is an Ursaring. 2200cp. And I’m just 1 level above you. So patience pays out. From level 27/28 the game will become even more interesting :wink:

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My honest estimate is that it depends. As a level 36 with 16 over 3k I can tell you that the vast majority of Pokemon are incapable of hitting 3k cp. Dragonite, tyranitar, metagross, and salamence are our pseudo legendaries and can all (at level 39) hit 3500. I’d say that the average I’ve seen is level 31. By that stage though many accounts will have these pseudo legendaries. You may also want to search on google etc. Pokemon Go (insert town name here). This could get you into a legendary raid group. These are congregations of local players who all meet at legendary raids to attack them. However if you live in a small town then this will likely not work. In this case, Slaking is your best bet. Slaking can hit 3000 cp for a player as low as level 22, although even with this cp it has horrible moves so is hopelessly weak. I also suggest checking the IVs of Pokemon. One way is more complex than the other but will give better results.
If you search online or on the app store for iv calculator and find one such as calcy iv (one where you dont need to log in to pokemon go on the site as this could risk getting your account banned). The simpler way is to go to the appraise option. If your pokemon says

Your Pokemon is not likely to make much headway in battle.

Your Pokemon may not be strong, but I still like it!

Your Pokemon has room for improvement as far as battling goes.

This means your pokemon has less than 50% IV.

If it says any of the following:

Your Pokemon is pretty decent!

Your Pokemon is a decent Pokemon.

Your Pokemon is above average.

This would mean your Pokemon is from 50% to 66% IV.

If it says any of these:

Your Pokemon is really strong!

Your Pokemon is a strong Pokemon.

Your Pokemon has certainly caught my attention.

Then your pokemon is from 66% to 80%.

Here’s the best ones. If your Pokemon says any of these then your Pokemon is from 82% to 100% IV.

Your Pokemon is a wonder!

Your Pokemon looks like it can really battle with the best of them!

Your pokemon simply amazes me!

The pokemon in the last category are the ones you want to power up. They’ll gain more cp per power up and at the same cp as lower percentage pokemon they’ll cost less to power up. Buddy pokemon are also important. Pokemon like vaporeon, gyarados can hit 3000 but take a lot higher level for that.


my best pokemon is just cp 993. i wish i could get a better pokemon but i do not have a mortar because i used it all to turn on my slowpoke.

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Thank you guys! I guess I will have to wait until level 27/28 apparently :slight_smile:


Or get a slaking! :wink:

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A TTar should reach 2800 at around level 27, so at trainer level 25, you can already have a 2800+Mon
However,I would definetly wait with powering up as a lot of 2.5k+Mons can be even found in the wild (after evolving them) and you should make sure that whatever you power up has good enough IVs (dont relly on appraisal, best ranking still means it can lack 6 points in attack) and enough use (dont power up a 100IV Wurmple just because “it has good IVs”)


Im at level 27: TTar with 2704 (still can raise a bit more… stardust is hard to get); Snorlax 2468; Agron 2435.
Then i have many between 1600 and 2100. Many useful for attacking gyms. Kabutops (2) is my Blissey/Chansey killers. The only “legendary” i have are the 8 Articuno, between 1200 and 1654.
Choose carefully the ones where you use candies and stardust. Don´t go for a single choice (like having 6 TTar or 1TTar, 2 Golem, 2 Rhydon) and see the attacks. When the PvP arrives, those choices will come into play, more than on the gyms.


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