What level are you right now?

I was wondering what level you guys are in Pokemon GO. Just before this though let me remind you before the seemingly imminent gen 3 announcement to make sure you are level 30 or more by this time (I know most of you already will be) as this allows you to find highest cp Pokemon in the wilderness. The reason why I have put Level 40 or above is in preparation for future levels to be added (maybe with gen 3?) I can’t remember if I made it more than 1 choice but - if I did then you can choose to either kee0 it to your main or you could add alt accounts, friends accounts etc.

  • 40 (or above)
  • 39
  • 38
  • 37
  • 36
  • 35
  • 34
  • 33
  • 32
  • 31
  • 30
  • 29
  • 28
  • 27
  • 26
  • 20-25
  • 15-19
  • 10-14
  • 5-9
  • 1-4

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34.5. once I reach 35 Ill stop grinding on XP because its pointless from that point on

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I could understand to stop grinding at 38 as that’s the point we’re any Pokemon can be Powered up to the Max but why 35?

Pokemon can be power up once more at 39 now

I’ve checked the ones I’ve already maxed out and not one can be powered up any more than I’d done already when I reached L38.
I’m currently L40 and got there before the last game up date.

Because powering them up past 30 costs a ton of stardust and candies, yet has minimal effect
I do power-up my 100IV Pseudo-Legendaries, but they arent enough to make me actually want level ups
And the reason fro 35 is that its the last level where you actually get good items for leveling up

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You don’t unlock new items at level 35 + the rewards for 40 are better but level 40 is a tough call - levels 36 to 39 cost a lot so 35 to people who don’t particularly want stronger Pokemon is the last level to grind to (one more !)

But you do get a lot of good ones

40 or above? You can’t really get higher than 40

Preparing for in case they add new levels

I guess, but you’re still level 40.

Yes :slight_smile: that’s what I’m trying to get up to level 35 for. After this I think I will still semi grind like I do now - like catching every pidgeys and rattatas and evolving them.

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Interestingly, Level 40, 37 and 31 are the most common levels.

It’s a weird mix, I agree. The gap between all those Levels are quite large as well, especially when you consider the 11.5million XP gap between 37 and 40

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Just hit 31 today! Double XP has really been helping, I got around 200k today.

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40 ;D Saludos desde bolivia

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Level 38

39,3, still a long way to go

Stil on 40.
If I look at second time around I have 800K to get to L39. That’s only 40 T5 Raids with Lucky Egg on :grinning:

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39.4, this is so tedious