What IV checker do you use?

I normally use pokeassistant.com, but it doesn’t give the exact percentage. For example, my sceptile is 64%-77.8%.

I use PokeGenie (IOS only)

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Calcy IV for Android.

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Calcy IV is imo the best iv checker for the quick check. Most of tye time it gives the info in a sec and sonetimes you need to fill the appraisals. Sometimes vasics wheb it cant read your mon info

pokemon.gameinfo.io works like a charm

PokeGenie is on android too.

But I use Calcy IV.

I use Poke Genie for Android, works perfectly. But I think of changing to Calcy IV as it can scan your Gym Badges too.


not an app, a site. It checks al mons at once and is superfast when it comes to sorting out your mons.
I just catch as many pokemon as i want, and once i’m full i just log in, and within 15 minutes i can easily transfer 600 mons knowing for sure what IV they had. No accidental 100% pidgey transfers. and even better, no manually checking each catch, just login once and see all 1500 mons in one fell swoop.

It does require a login, which turns off most people to use it, but i’ve been using since the start and there has been no confirmed ban ever.

This might not ban you entirely, but it will give you a shadow ban from time to time. Resulting in you not seeing rare pokemon arround you that others do see.

I strongly reccomend AGAINST using anything that requires a log in. As the website itself states, its against the TOS, and people have been known to get the black and red warning ingame for using these kind of IV checkers.


Using it for nearly 20 months now and never had any issues whatsoever, It’s a calculated risk that is negligable. The comfort factor of that site outways the 0.00001% chance i’ll get (shadow)banned by millions of times.

Niantic shoud just release a good IV checker in game, but that boat has sailed long ago.

omg this is so good thank you so much!