What is your opinion on rare candies?

What do you think about rare candies? My personal opinion is that they are a good idea but the buddy system needs a huge buff to make it still helpful.

lel i love rare candies.But they are hard to optain

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I liked the drop rates at the start better than what they are now.
It costs a lot of Dust to Power anything up as it is but it’s become a drag collecting enough rares to Power a Legendary up.
It’s a pity the L1-2 Raids don’t come with a grantee of 1 of the following Rare Candy / Fast TM / Charge TM plus what ever else it randomly wants to give. This would give lower level solo players a chance to collect a few.
Having done 4-5 Lower Level Raids for a return of 1 Rare candy is really not acceptable to maintain any interest in doing those. Niantic are missing out as I would be inclined to use multiple Raid Passes a day and do more Low Level Raiding if there was some reward for doing so.


Yes the highest level raid I can do regularly is 3. If we get less than 6 then no level 4 for us…