What is your Mewtwo Battle party?

If you have a Mewtwo battle party, post it here!

Six TTars over 3000, all full-dark

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Focus Blast would be a problem

Not really, he dies too quickly to kill them all

Yeah, I could practically put 6 Magikarps in and they would survive

Here’s mine. It’s alright, but probably could be better

Why no TTar?
Or is that the new account?

I suggest you lead with TTars, the massive difference in level means that mewtwo wont do as much

New account, only have 60 (ish) Larvitar candy

Oh, I see

Usually 10-20 people at an ex raid. I don’t really care who I use as a counter. I’ve used shuppets

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Your personal damage bonus can change depending on the amount of damage you do. Even if it’s just 1 ball, it’s still an extra throw!


I have no Mewtwo Battle Party. If I had one, I would put all my Tyranitar in it. If not i would use recommended if i get ex pass

Mewtwo are weak against Tyranitar and Gyarados

I’ve only had two passes but these guys seem to work well.

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Here’s my mewtwo killers! Still working on my lower CP Mewtwo but that’s the fun of it lol.

You have a lot of good IV Mewtwos

Thanks alex9945. I type them in from my IV app at the end of the day so I only save the ones worth powering up. Finding a 100% mewtwo would make it incredible lol but for now I’m happy to be able to get EX passes and continue to gain more experience and knowledge.