What is your Latios/Latias raid squad?

What is your team for taking down the Eon duo?

This is what I’m going to start with, and we’ll see how it works.

Rayquaza, 3 Dragonites, 2 TTars for no outrage/DC
6 TTars for Outrage/DC
Ray, 5 Dragonites for Solar Beam Latios

Team 1: 2 Rayquazas, 2 Dragonites, 2 Tyranitars
Team 2: Gardevoir, 2 Scizors, Groudon, Absol, Houndoom

First Latias I obtain will replace Houndoom in Team 2 and then move to the front of the team. If I catch another, it will replace Groudon and also be moved to the front of the team.

I’d create another team in case of dragon claw and solar beam but maps are down :expressionless: