What is your go to Gym attacker/defender?

This thread is so you can share that one Pokémon that you’ll always turn to in times of a difficult gym battle/raid, or someone you’ll just throw in a gym knowing that they’ll hold their own. My favourite attacker is Groudon, while my go to defender is Aggron. What’s yours?

Note: don’t even ask why Groudon has fire blast, I managed to mess up and use a TM on the wrong Pokemon

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Mewtwo of course, then gyarados and golem. And my favourite defenders are Rhydon and Blissey.

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Metagross for raids, just about anything for defending

Rhydon as a defender.

My go to attacker is my kyogre and my defender in times of need is my blissey, these two Pokémon probably account for half the stardust I’ve used total


Attacker : Mewtwo(2nd highest cp)
Defender: Blissy. If needed Slaking(highest cp pokemon)

Attacker Mewtwo and tyranitar
Defender, every low iv Mon with high cp which gets shredded after its return

Attackers: I usually go by recommended, which often gives either Kyogre and recently also Aggron.
Defenders: Only Pokemon with less than 2,000 CP, so I usually put a Snorlax I never bothered leveling or whatever Eeveelution happens to counter the perfect counters for the defenders that are already there.

Chansey is an annoying defender…decays very slowly and a lot of HP

My favorite defender is my level 35 Chancy with 96% IVs followed my my Chancy army. I also like Wobuffet which is also deceptively good as a defender and does not have much health decay.

My 3 favorite attacker’s are Machamp, Riakou and Raquaza/Dragonite.

How come your using chansey instead of blissy?

I tend to mostly dump these in Gyms.

For busting Gyms up I used to use my 100% and 2x 98% Tyranitars. Now I just let these guys do it.

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Depends on the day/gym but I love fighting with as many of my mons as I can. Regularly switch out parties that I’ll use. Currently been using the all maxed legendary party and dragons.
Raikou & kyogre are definitely two I’ve used a lot constantly since I got them ![Pok%C3%A9mon%20GO_2018-02-24-18-14-49|281x500]
Steelix one of my favorites to

Change your name to “Notanother100IVMachamp”


No, it should be Notanotherblissey

That too. But still. 6 100 IV maxed Machamps.

They have the 2nd highest HP in the game, but the CP is low so it takes for ever to lose motivation so I don’t need to drop berries as often.

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Nice strategy, might use it

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