What is your first non ghost type gen 3 Pokemon?

When gen 3 drops post your gen 3 Pokemon here so then we can work out the full gen 3 pokedex asap

We have worked the 50 Pokemon that will appear first.

Treecko fam,
Torchic fam,
Mudkip fam,
Poochyena fam,
Zigzagoon fam,
Wurmple both fam,
Lotad fam,
Seedot fam,
Ralts fam,
Slakoth fam,
Skitty fam,
Wailmer fam,
Electryk fam,
Aron fam,
Gulpin fam,
Bagon fam,
Groudon (maybe Kyogre and Rayquaza too),
possibly Castform

Will be fun anyway :wink: And the whole gen 3 will come sometime :smiley:


It will be fun. I can’t wait to put Wailord in the gym!

How did you figure them out? Are they in the code?

No. By studying the videos, pics they released.

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Seems that wont happen, @JoshHack has the full list from the code and you wont be sble to evolve most ‚ÄėMon

That would be so bad, maybe we will get another patch. I wont be able to do groudon (not enough players) but would like some strong gen 3s…

Groudon isnt surprisingly (not really) aming the 50

You can open an new thread when gen 3 is actually released