What is your current goal?

What is your current goal in pokemon go

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My current target is vague. I want to hit level 40 but it is very far off so it probably won’t be anytime soon. I want to get Ludicolo the last Pokemon in my Pokedex but that’s a bit off as well. I want to get all my town’s gyms to gold. I also want to max my mewtwo. I’m working on them all simultaneously.

I can honestly say I no longer have any. I hit level 40 a few months back. I completed 1000 quests for the gold Ranger badge last month. I have an ongoing goal of solo-ing all T3 raids (which was destroyed thanks to Niantic releasing Shuckle!!!). I think the only “goal” I have yet to complete is getting a perfect Machamp. I have caught almost 150 Machamp and the game has yet to present me with a 100% Machamp. I caught my first 96% this January and another 96% last month. Saturday, I FINALLY caught a 98%! Trust me, after almost 150 catches, I am beginning to lose interest.

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To just enjoy the game and the social interactions that come with it. I enjoy raiding, looking for perfect and shiny legendary pokemon.


My next goal is 60 million XP and 70K catches. I’m 14 million out and have about 7K catches to go. Also considering chasing 5 mill dust but I keep finding stuff that I want to power up so that’s a long wats down the road.


Getting level 37 lol. Then i’ll set my goal to level 38, etcetera


Getting a shiny beast, getting a second amazing one to power up (why not both at the same time) evolving my first non-cheated Milotic (Ive marked all Pokemon Ive caught during my spoofing periods as ×, except those Ive already maxed out) and just having fun


Level 40 and i am level 39

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To reach level 40 and get all the shinies

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My current goal is definitely hitting Level 40 this year. I’m 4M XP away from it. (Gained a bit of speed in the last weeks, my fiance was on a grinding craze and I won’t say no when he wants to do 5 raids in a row and go to the next town for spinning new Pokéstops for Adventure Week,…)

Sure - completing the Pokédex (at least Kanto…) would be great. But no chance to go to the USA at the moment. I’ll have to wait for a event (another catch challenge maybe?) to do so.

And an absolutely unreachable goal: getting all available shinies. I’m a collector, and I hate it when I don’t get a certain piece for my collection (cough party hat Pichu cough)… But with Shiny Lugia and Ho-Oh missing it’s impossible anyways…


Maybe we’ll get a third way to get legendaries, not through quests or raids, that would allow you to have a route to a shiny even when lugia and ho-oh are not there.

That would be just too good to be true :wink:

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I’d like to reach level 30

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I have basically the same goals as you ! (cough party hat pichu cough)


I’ve been focusing on shinies lately…mostly unsuccessful

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My current goal is to collect 1 million stardust, then have a massive power up session when I get there


I think my end goal is probably to get all the shinies. I already have some of the tough ones like Pichu and Swablu (3 times lol) and Aron.

I’m already here (cp 35 is a magikarp)

Also this pichu isn’t just shiny, its also 100% iv. I wonder if anyone can work out the rate for that lol

Aron is around 70% iv and level 32

As well as the million stardust thing I mentioned earlier, I’m also trying to get as much candy as possible for those that get an evolution in Gen 4 so that when Gen 4 is finally launched I can get loads of new Pokémon straight away

The rate of a 100% iv in a raid, egg or quest is 1 In 666 or 1 in 216. That is 0.46%

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