What is this Pokemon? (solved)

[UPDATE: I went to my first account and checked the nearby and its definitely a ghastly. i was just thrown off because the sprites are a little different in pokemon go than in the main games. thanks for the help]

I’m somewhat familiar with pokemon and i’ve been struggling to figure out what on earth the Pokemon in the top right corner is for about 15 minutes. Made a new account as i was bored playing on team Instinct, loaded in, caught a few pokemon, and this is what i have on the nearby list. Can anyone help me out and finally put a name to this silhouette?


Ghastly I think

Top left: Hoothoot
Top right: Gastly

All these pokemon are relatively common. Gastly is the rarest there though.

strange. i dont remember ghastly’s sprite looking like that. thanks for the help though

Bruh how have you NEVER caught a rattata

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