What is this? Gym attack on random place in map

Yeah i know its what u get when a gym is atacked. But this is no gym!

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You must have checked a gym where you have a mon defending. That gym is under attack. In my own experience, if you view a gym long enough via a mon that is defending it is under attack you will get this visual bug.

nothing to worry about


Oh ok thanks!

It’s a known bug where you’ve fed berries to a mon in a gym which is under attack. The attack animation then appears around you.

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beales.com’ explained the scenario exactly. I had it happen to me for a second time a couple of days ago. It does seem basically harmless; except the graphics obscure the vision of things adjacent to the trainer. Here’s what it looked like this time:

I let a little time pass to let the gym attack end and went back to the same gym to feed more berries, to see if I could lose the graphic, and I did… but all it did was detach the attack graphics from my trainer and leave them on the screen:

Bizarre little glitch. I suspect it’s probably low on the priority list for fixing, though, since it doesn’t seem to crash the game or permanently lose resources (pokemon, coins, candies, or stardust).

I’ve had the attack cloud surround my avatar while walking around a few months ago. It would go away when I logged out. Haven’t seen it recently though.

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