What is this "check in" thing?

So these orange signs with “check in” written on them appeared today all around Tokyo, I do not know what it is and have not found any info on the internet, I have not had time to get close to one of them, any idea? :open_mouth:

Safari Zone??? Those were the same thing for go fest… if you check in you get unown…

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It’s safari zone. And catch the delcatty while your at it…:rofl:

wow great! Will this go on all the weekend? Once you check in can you repeat the event tomorrow? And how long does it last once you check in?

Sorry for so many questions xD

It is special weekend here in Japan from yesterday until Sunday. If you buy items from sponsored stops, you will get a QR code you can use to check in and have a chance to catch “unknowns” and other mons spawning on those stops.

Thursday was SoftBank stops
Friday is Tully’s sponsored stops
Saturday is Mcdo
Sunday is Aeon


@Hugothester @ejdm knows it.

So just buy something from one of those stops, check in, and you will get unown the rarest pokemon

Lol ive seen like hundreds of delcattys


Thank you! and @Pokemon as well. Do you know @ejdm if I have to ask for the code or they will automatically give it to me?

@Hugothester I think the QR code is on the receipts after you buy the equivalent items from sponsored shops. Note that they have been selling the items from July 13 so they may no longer be available today. Perhaps you can try Mcdonalds and Aeon since their event is Sat and Sun respectively.

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I see, thanks!

You have to ask for the code.
Just go to a Mac and ask if they are still giving codes for the Safari. There´s a small questionaire to answer to get the code.

Just ask for the code and buy something and you get a Pokemon that like no one has.


Also, you can only do it for one day only, so choose wisely.

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I really want to be in Japan😖


Just to clarify, this is not the safari zone event in Yokosuka, that takes place on end of August.
The event from Thursday until Sunday is “Japan special weekend”. As long as you have codes for each day, you can join and see rare spawns.
Current spawns are Dratini,Chansey, Bulba, Totodile and unowns letter A and E

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Every single shop I visited had run out of codes. #JutJapaneseThings.
I visited more than 12 different places xD

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