What is the rarest Pokemon you have encountered in the wild?

What was the rarest Pokemon that you encountered. Did you catch it? What was the CP/IV’s? For me it was a 247 Dragonite which ran away. My friend caught the same Dragonite with around 2500 CP second try.

Probably Dragonite, the latest one having 2434 CP and pretty weak IVs. I’ve encountered and caught two Dragonites in the wild so personally it hasn’t been the most uncommon Pokemon for me. I just caught my first Doduo today. I’ve got quite a list of Pokemon I’ve only encountered once, of which I would mostly like to meet another Scyther. Another Lapras or another Snorlax would also be nice.

Unown Q and I caught it

A few Dragonites, Snorlaxes, Lapras’

Muk I have only caught 1 wild but made 5 from grimmer candy ,eggs helped a lot on the events !! Never saw a wild gyardose or dragonite or any of the unknown so dosnt count .

Found a 800 cp Porygon 2 days after hatching my first one ever. This was also 2-3 weeks ago

Dragonite. I haven’t seen another wild one since. It was before the nearby poke stop feature was added. So I saw the shadow in the grass and made my husband drive me all around to find it!! When it popped up I jumped lol. I caught it after using 20 raspberries and 20 ultra balls. It has the worst IV’s but I powered it up anyway and at CP3010 it’s now my highest level Pokemon. Trying to catch it was my most traumatic Pokemon Go experience! I thought it was going to run.

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See above post. I also had to use 20 raspberries and 20 Ultra balls on the only Dragonite I’ve seen in the wild. Powered him up with Dratini hatches. He sits right now at 3188 but I have to wait until I level up before I can level him up again.

For me it’s a toss up between my 1313 CP Dragonite 58% IV with Steel Wing/Hyper Beam or Unown 561 CP 40-48 IV.

My unown-q with 91% IV’s. Doesn’t do much though.

Must have been my shiny Magikarp which turned into a big red monster!

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I’ve only encountered 1 Dragonite, 1 Aerodyctal, and 1 Grimer in the wild. Everything else I’ve had multiple encounters.

I have had two successful rare encounters and 12 fails (I no luck). Here it is in order.

  1. FAILED Dragonite. On day 1 a dragonite popped up on the nearby. I had no clue what it was, so I just remembered it and what it was. Kind of irritating to think back to then and think that on day 1 rather than a kingler being my best catch a DRAGONITE.
  2. FAILED Muk. Me and my cousin were in my house when a Muk appeared on the footsteps. We searched for it, but we missed it.
  3. ANOTHER FAILED Dragonite. This time I knew what it was and I got really excited. I literally ran all round my neighbourhood trying to find it, but never did.
  4. FAILED Vaporeon. This was after i literally got 24 flareons in a row from eevee evolutions. My best pokemon was flareon and 9 of my top 12 were flareon. It disappeared almost immediately once I noticed it.
  5. FAILED Blastoise. Spawned at my house, ran after 1 ball - it was even more annoying because it was ??? CP and was my last candy for wartortle.
  6. SUCCESS Lapras. A lapras appears on my nearby while I am eating and I run out to get it. Capture success.
    7 8 and 9. FAILED Snorlax.
    Day 1: In the city and a snorlax pops up on the nearby but we can’t find it.
    Day 2 Snorlax pops up at a nearby park. Catch it but CP=44
    Day 3 Snorlax appears again in the same place this time it has the amazing cp of 42.
    10 FAILED Tyranitar. A few days have passed of GEN 2. As I am walking I see a Tyranitar at the next pokestop. All of a sudden I see the message of disappointment: AN UPDATE IS AVAILABLE. WOULD YOU LIKE TO UPDATE NOW. And I have no space. Probably the worst one especially because if the update could have just waited 5 minutes we would have been done here.
    11 FAILED Unown. A wild (non event) L unown (lol it gave me the L from the start) appears on fast poke map. I get down there as fast as I can, and it appears. Tapped it. The game says “Error” and the unown is gone. Rip
    12 FAILED Tyranitar. A Tyranitar appears at the local park. And of course it runs immediately.
    13 SUCCESS Dragonite. Dragonite appears straight after a group of 5 of us fail a charizard raid. We all catch it.

This is obviously not all - there was a wild charizard which was the last poke I caught in 2016. I just didn’t want this too be too long. There have been 3 more Tyranitar fails. 3 FAILED togetic, a FAILED ampharos and about 2.7 quadrillion FAILED magikarp. (Okay maybe that last one was a bit overexaggerated - I doubt I have FAILED 2,700,000,000,000,000 magikarp.


Forgot about shiny karp… came off a lure. Lol
First try as well.

The rarest Pokémon I have found is by far the H unown, in my local GroupMe somebody sent a picture of it and I caught a 20 minute ride with a guy I had just finished a raid with. I caught it but it despawned before he could catch it!


Caught a hitmonchan when making a late night ice cream run. Haven’t been able to hatch one so I was pretty pumped.

Probably a Dragonite that ran away, the second one was a blissy which I caught, blissy was 1600, also caught a forretress and a vileplume and a crobat appeared at our house one day

The only Unknown I think I have ever encountered was in a gym, so that probably leaves finding a Dragonite in the wild as the rarest one.

I guess it was Lapras when it spawned in my hospital during water event, was so lucky it was on my segment, since i was in hospital then

I would say the dragonite i stumbled upon, it’s the only one I have ever seen. I also caught a togentic that someone posted about in my raid group, but as I didn’t locate it I hold it in lower regard

Dragonite 88% ivs with 700cp also caught tons of unowns at the safari zone but weren’t as good as they were spawning very frequently