What is the next community day Pokemon?

Why isn’t Niantic saying the CD Pokemon???

noone knows yet

Wasn´t it a few days ago?

Probably will because Go Fest will be better than Community Day.
We are gettint Celibi, RegiRock and possibly Deoxy all this and next month.


Probably will What?

Late release.

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I guess Ralts

Maybe with all that’s surrounding Go Fest, we won’t get a community day next month. That would be nasty but it could happen

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I’m sorry to say, but I think @Mapman42 is right. In the previous months, they didn’t remove the old CD stats before Niantic confirmed the next participant for CD. And Niantic always confirms it earlier.

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99% chance ralts
100% hyped

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79 notifications :open_mouth:

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What I want:
Niantic :
"We apoligize for the lack of communication to you about the next community day pokemon. Because of this, 2x xp will be available until July 19th. These bonuses will not apply to other events. Also, magnemite will be appearing around the world more frequently, and you may find its shiny form!

The community day pokemon will be ralts! When you evolve a ralts to Gardevoir it will learn a exclusive move. (does gardevoir not have a fairy fast or charge move)???

If you complete Professor Willow’s global challenges, you will unlock Zapdos day! We apoligize for the bugs in Articuno day and they have been fixed.

What we see: nothing.

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