What is the most items you’ve got from a Gym/Pokestop?

I just got 59 items. That’s crazy! But makes it real easy to fill up my bag.

For me the highest has been until now 18

Yeah I got 58 from my 7 day streak on a Mystic gym that I had a gold badge.

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61items (gym)

45 Items from a gym for my 7 day streak.

I got 59 items on my last 7 day streak, but someone I raided with last Saturday got 74.

75 today gold gym pokemon in it my team

And day 7 of the streak, I guess?


the youtuber poke ak go 60 out of a gym stop…

35 items.
7th day spin on a gymstop where I have the gold badge, and my team was in control of it.

what is your team?


May I ask you what that does matter?

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Got 59 on my last 7 day spin.

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you and Jormdeworm are right.


WOW. that is impressive