What is the middle ground?

So, we all know than machamps are the best fight type, and if we have a 100% IV it’s the best choice to use your dust, even if we have a 98% it’s almost that good, 96, 93, 91, yeah they are ok to, but, 89? 82? 69? 50? 2? 0? In what point use dust on machamps it’s not recommended?
And with the same logical, when a poliwarth it’s better than a Vaporeon? Or a cloyster over lapra?
How can we rank mons in base of his IV?

Use a battle calculator to find out.
This one for example is an easy 1 to use, but it shows purely DPS. For other calculations like TDO or TTK youll have to use others.

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80 or higher is the way to go If you have alot of pokemon.

Hehe, I’m in a point abourt 93 or high.
What I want to know it’s about in what IV a Flareon it’s better than a Moltres, or a heracross better than a machamps. For example.

Moltres is beter and champ is better. :thinking::thinking::thinking::joy:

He means he wants to know if a 100% flareon might be better than a 60% Moltres.
Like i said, calculators :wink:

It would, right ? :thinking: