What is the ideal time to defeat or reinforce a gym?

Hello! I want to know your ideal time to fight in a GYM.
My ideal time to go to conquer gyms is in the morning (7a.m.) for several reasons:

  1. Many coins: In my zone the boss of incursion appear that schedule, which gives me time to leave my pokemon in each gym before they hatch the legendary and give them immunity to my defenders for 2 hours (which lasts an incursion)
  2. Anti-cheats: I live in an area where there are many cheats so this schedule is ideal since many can not or are not interested in playing in that time (my experience)
  3. Comfort: (this is personal) I like to play in a quiet place and if there are no people in the squares or gyms much better.

Any time I’m near a Gym that’s not my Colour and I’ve got 10mins I can spare .

Since the rollout of the new gym system it is now only;

  1. when it is convenient for me to take a gym (on the way to / from work),
  2. When I want to build up my gym medal(s), or
  3. if I feel like making the gyms near my home red, so mainly mornings & evenings. I’m not too worried about coins, gyms turn over too quickly to get too many. Also I don’t go out on “gym runs” to take gyms down like I used to. I miss the prestige aspect of gyms - it was always fun to use Pokémon that were half as strong as the defenders to build the gym up.
    I do like trolling people on gyms. I sat at one of my local gyms (which is in a busy shopping centre) within 2m of another trainer (who I’d never met & who didn’t realise I was watching them attacking) and repeatedly took the gym down after they beat my mon. I kept putting in low CP amazing evolutions just for fun & after a couple of turns he did too. We continued for 15mins or so until I had to leave then I got up & told him I’d let him take the gym back & we had a laugh.
    I normally use one of these - again all in good fun once people realise I’m baiting them.

Hahaha good experience :+1:
I have managed to collect the 50 coins especially when I fit four raids at the same time between 7 and 8 am.
wobuffet I do not think it’s a troll :muscle:

I hate to sound like a broken record… but here we have again an example of cheaters ruining the experience.

Strategically planning your gym attacks to avoid cheaters is not something a legitimate player should have to put up with.

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