What Is The Highest CP Magikarp You Have Ever Caught?

Without powering it up of course. Mine is 164. I believe the Max CP of Magikarp is 220. With that being said, I’d love to hear the ones you’ve caught! Share here.

171 cp

182 I think

Only caught recently: 173 cp, but it’s only Level 29, so there’s room for improvements…



I believe it was 194 or somewhere around that CP (boosted of course)


That’s the highest I’ve ever caught… weather boosted but still the highest one I’ve caught :heart_eyes:

Heyyy, nearly, with weatherboost as well

205, evolved to 3009 gyarados without any stardust being spent, lv 35 89%iv

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98% IV 193CP pre weather boosting days

That’s what I call Luck…

Magikarp is for me same rariry as Vileplume(yeah Vileplume the stage 2 of Oddish)

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