What is the best Pokémon not legendary that has fled

Just wondering which Pokémon people have seen got really excited by for it to eventually flee.

Mine is laprs

Had multiple Tyrantitar flee on me in raids before I figured out how to catch them.

Too me, it was Ttar too. I’ve raided it, and it flew away

Maybe a Tyranitar, but non-legendary Pokemon are quite difficult not to catch
Unless its like a starter you are trying to catch with Pinap, hitting the Excellent is fristrating

Mostly Ttar, but I have experience with catching
I have 20 legendary Pokémon and have caught 16 legendary for other members of my family

back when the game first came out, i got an alakazam on an incense. it ran.

i’m still not over it

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Wild Charizard when first started. Ran. :sob::sob:

Still not got a Laura’s I have not

ALAKAZAM ON INCENSE?! I always get those crappy Pidgeys and Rattatas😞

I incensed a meganium and caught it

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one day after me and my mother got back from our daily hunt, on the way back home while i used my go plus like always, our car suddenly stoped and my mother screamed “tyiranter!!!”, unfortunly by the time it happend i already clicked my go plus, and i missed it, a wild tyrianters first time in my life i saw and my mother got it and i missed it, becuase of the dam go plus, i was yelling like a baby “nooooooooo” and that was one of the most horrible flee i ever had .a tyrianter on wild is super super rare and i missed it… stupied go plus.i never expected this to happen but aw well…

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i so much love alakzam but you really need to be carefull when play it or else it break like nothing i can understand that pain mostly at start.

I had a high cp Gengar flee from me and then my friend caught it and found out it was 98% I was a bit disappointed by that one…

Perfect snorlax high level…at least 6-7 golden razz excellent curve balls and the ball would barely shake.

gengar and alakzam are both very very rare to find at good iv, the reason is ofc game balanceing, gengar and alakzam are both glass canons with low hp, if they have good iv with very skilled dodge play they can be op,and i can speak from my experince before i found 98 % gengar 14 d 15 a 15 stamnia, i leveled a crappy gengar with poor iv to 40ish and even with poor iv, it a killing machine same for alakazam have both crappy alakazam and yet they are killers, i still looking for high iv one.(over a year and half at game).

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I hatched a perfect abra and I’ve maxed it out, wish I could have its counterpart at a similar strength

never had chance to hatch a abra i wish the breeding of pokemon will be up soon becuase then we will be able maybe trade and spread more 100 % iv one.

I have an 100 IV Alakazam

Ninetales :disappointed_relieved: