What is the best moveset?

I am new to the Hub and was nosing around the topics and noticed a disconnect between the move sets listed as best between the Pokedex and the Battledex. So, which is the correct one? This is important so that we don’t waste precious technical machines on the wrong move set.

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Go with database, it accounts for dps and total dmg while the battle dex just goes off dps. Also go with specialize move sets for so you can counter defenders; like all steel move/all bug move scizor, all dark move/all fire move houndoom, etc.

Thanks, that’s a big help. Now I can grade my best pokemon.

I go off the database too when checking out what is the ideal moveset for my Mon’s. For the reasons @JTzeus recommended, and most specifically to infer whether a specialized pokemon of mine has good enough base stats to battle with the best of them when battling a gym (is it worth powering up). The database stats for example allow you to infer if that 90%IV mon ranks well across 4 categories: max CP, atk, def, and stamina.

I have 3 fast TMs to use. Not sure which Pokemon to use them on.

I’m still struggling to figure out the difference between specific rankings of movesets for certain scenarios. Example:

Blissey’s best DEF moveset?

The pokedex here states that zh/hb is A+
Over at gamepress, it’s p/dg or zh/dg

So which is the better DEF charge move? HB or DG?

Go with zh/dg since just about every person with us a machamp to battle a blissey and both those moves are super effective to fight types

List some of the pokemon you would use them on and then i can help you figure it out

I normally attack gyms with Gyrados, Eggecutor, or Golem.

Gyrados and eggecutor is fine with either fast move, you should definitely use your tm if your golem doesnt have rock throw

So rock throw is better than mud slap?

Yes rock throw is both better in dps and in countering popular pokemon and legendary pokemon

Thanks. My 2nd strongest Golum knows rock throw now.