What is that button?

One of the people in our whatsapp groups is showing off some 100% Pokemon and theres a button in his screenshot that i dont know what its for. Im kinda skeptical of it as it looks like something you spoof with to me, but i could be wrong and its just a part of Calcy i dont know.

Anyone who can clear the sky for me about it?

I use Calcy, and shurely it’s not part of it. But I can’t tell you which program it provoces.

It looks like something for Google + account? dunno

Some form of Social Media or chat App.
I’ve seen some ones screen that I know does not spoof have 3 addition icons to Calcy IV down the side of their screen for different Chat Apps.
I don’t bother with that sort of stuff so have no idea which one it could be?

It appears to be from an app called “samsung game tools”. Not a spoofers thing.
Threat can be closed :slight_smile: