What if you play alone and fight gym your own

I play alone and fight the gym alone and it the gym rework is for group play then i have no chance to fight gyms

From what I have read fighting gyms shouldn’t be that different. The group mechanic more so comes in when dealing with the raids and so long as you go to the spot where the raid is going on I am sure you will start to get to know the other people in your area that are trying to do the same things you are. I wouldn’t worry to much if you have people you play with currently.


It should actually be easier to take on gyms alone because there will only be six Pokémon in each one. I expect there to be a high turnover rate at each gym. No more stagnant Level 10 gyms full of Blisseys.

In this case the difficulty would come with raids, and if that’s how the legendaries will be released

Heard they will be different tiers for raid bosses so you much be able to take a level one down on your own… maybe.

I think with all the news coming out you are a bit confused about the gym rework. Raids are where group play is really valued/necessary while gyms will remain a “solo” event. The only change to gyms that is team work oriented is the berry aspect as any member of the gym can help replenish motivation by using berries. I actually think you’ll be happier with the gym changes once they hit.


I was fighting a gym alone earlier today, as the Pokémon in it had been there for four days, so I thought I may as well send them home, as I’ve had Pokémon stuck in gyms for two days, and it’s no fun, anyway, I cleared the gym, but as I went to put my mon in someone else beat me to it. I was furious, and battled them, until I won and took over the gym. Within five minutes they had the gym again. All I can think is maybe we were both battling at the same time, I was so focused on what I was doing, I didn’t notice. There was no one standing nearby, but it was at a pub, so maybe they were inside, I don’t know if it shows on the screen if someone battles at the same time as you, anyway, it just seemed strange to me that four days pass, the gym is untouched, but when I clear it, someone is there at the same time, so did they steal it, or did they think I stole it off them? I’ll never know, maybe someone can tell me if I can see rivals on my phone though.

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The same thing has happened to me a lot, both with physically present players and with spoofers. I think sometimes it’s just bad luck, other times it’ll be someone whose Pokemon you just kicked out wanting to put it back in.
I’ve taken to only battling gyms solo when there’s either no gyms of my team around or when I have a large enough stack of revives and potions that I won’t mind blowing them on taking a gym that might be taken back within minutes. Moving around in a group so you can fill up several spots at a gym at once is still much easier than doing solo play.

About seeing rivals on your phone: I know we used to be able to see them, and also see on the overworld map when a gym was being attacked. I’m pretty sure there’s no more animation for a gym being attacked, but I don’t know about seeing other players in gym battles. In raids you can definitely see your group members.

@SkyBato, thanks for replying and explaining what could have happened. I am stuck with playing solo, as no one I know is team red. The gym near me is always yellow, dominated by the same group of friends, I don’t think they are spoofers though. I once went there late at night, in the rain, to take them down. I managed to hold the gym overnight, which I felt great about, but I was stupid for risking my safety over a game, (out late at night, on my own). When I first chose my team, I was not even thinking I would ever go battling at gyms, so it didn’t seem to matter. I wasn’t to know then that my town has hardly any red players. It’s mainly blue, then yellow. My son used to play, but lost interest, and he’s blue anyway. Sometimes, I am lucky enough to find a red gym with a space, while I’m out walking to get the distance in, and I add a mon. I managing to get a few coins that way. I still think you should get coins when you defeat a gym straight away, even if you only last five minutes, so that your effort is rewarded, to benefit people in minority teams of any colour. Maybe the changes will continue, as Niantic listen to player feedback.