What if Niantic stop supporting Pokemon GO one day?

I’m just thinking for a time about the future of Pokemon Go…

We are all completely dependent that Niantic pays the Servers around the World, so we can play…

And what will happen, if they decide one day to stop this costs?

Many of us have payed the first versions of the Pokemon history, and still, when we start the Nintendo, we can play.
But the time of playing with Pokemon Go is completely dependent on the Enterprise.

So imagine a person who has inverted hundreds of dollars in the game, or time (which is equal in value), and in some moment the enterprise decides to stop the game…

And really, it’s not a problem of Pokemon Go, it’s inherited in ALL games of this type. We are dependent in this enterprises in a way, which is not sane.

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They’ll just get lawsuits, and they’ll have to refund everyone or find some legal loophole in which they don’t have to

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Yeah, you understand me. They don’t think in us, only in there accounts.
And when the income is not in relation with the results, they will throw us to the trash.

I wouldnt be to worried. Ingress dates back to 2012 and thats still running.

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Pokemon company wouldn’t be happy as its a teamwork thing