What I would have done, or will do if I was a Niantic Pokemon Go employee

We all know that no one can be perfect, and Niantic is no exception. With trading being shown in the original trailer and not being in the game almost two years later, we get hyped about things that already should have been in the game, like quests (not trying to be mean, I am one of the hyped). But what I would have done, and Niantic could still do this, is: Add generation. One month later show a video saying Trading/Pvp/Quests/Breeding/etc. . Then add the feature two months later, so we have something to do while we wait for the next generation. There should be weekly events and quests such as catch ten eevees and receive a prize. Or global catch challenges more frequently.

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I would hire a better team for fixing bugs and glitches
And added quests this quarter, pvp next, then trading, then Gen 4…

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This would be my roadmap:

  1. Better bug fixing is definitely the most important thing…

  2. Quests are so much wanted by the players, this should be next. You can keep people busy with quests for a very long time and it would probably be very easy to release new ones on a regular basis.

  3. Then release missing (non-mythical and non-lgendary) Pokémon (Smeargle and the missing gen3 mons)

  4. another regional rotation like Seviper/Zangoose, maybe Volbeat/Illumise

  5. after “so many” new Pokedex entries, a new feature: PvP

  6. This could then maybe the time to release Gen4, so people can try out PvP with their new Mamoswines and Rhyperiors

  7. After the first gen4 hype wears off, I’d do another challenge with a regional Pokémon as reward (Heracross would be awesome!). Maybe Latios and Latias could be released in raids then as additional reward like Ho-oh was in 2017

  8. Then I’d try to find a way to include trading without giving cheaters too much of an advantage (let’s be honest, cheaters gonna cheat, you can only make it harder for them, and every time you do, they will find a way again)

I would double people working on Pokémon GO

Teretanu da može tući samo igrač koji je ispod iste a ne netko iz fotelje.
Regionalne pokemone Taurosa, heraklosa…, dati kroz raid tako da budu dostupni svima, za sada bar 1 i 2 generaciju a kada počne 4 generacija onda pustiti i treću generaciju raidova

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Don’t blame Niantic. The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are the ones deciding what Niantic can and cannot do.

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Its not TPC, nor Nintendo who dictates that PvP shall not be added until insert date
Or trading
Yes, they do have some limits to what they can do, but that doesnt limit features like quests, trading, pvp, or bug fixing

??? I guess nobody understand.

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Well, I know Niantic has some issues, but Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are the “real bosses”.

Better customer service.
Better marketing team - news seem to always come AFTER an event starts.
Better deals on items - raid pass bundles, etc.