What i think the game needs

Obviously these are my suggestions, and a lot of them are quite popular anyways:

  1. Pokestop/Gym Submission. We’ve gotten vague hints at this recently in the latest few updated, but it is still arguably one of the most needed and requested features in this game. There’s at least 10 places locally for me that fit the whole Ingress portal criteria, but relying on another game shouldn’t be how the system works.
    My idea is that every person is allowed to submit a specific number of stops a week depending on things like Trainer Level. Level 30-32 could submit 2 a week while Level 35-38 could submit 4 a week.

  2. Some more immersion on rainy days. I know the point of the game is to get you outside but in the wonderful climate by me that’s not viable at least 1/2 the time. I would like to see some NPC storyline/battling, which could incorporate both the quest and PvP systems into it.

  3. A more accurate way to find raids. The current raid locating system is awful. I’ve always been relying on 3rd party raid maps because the one in-game only shows you raids if they’re within 1/4 mile of you. It doesn’t work most of the time. If Niantic could either extend the raid map so you could see raids further away or just added a universal raid map of their own to the game it would fix a lot of problems IMO


Just saw something in a FB group that may answer all of these questions. May pay to have a dig around reddit also. Seems like a high level player cornered John Hanke on a plane & took the opportunity to ask LOTS of questions.
Things like PVP, Gen IV, new in game map (in relation to raids), potential regional rotation (depending on the mons), increasing the level cap, pokéstop submissions, new items and lots more.
I think there will be lots of new stuff coming in the next 12-18 months but as of yet, nothing can be confirmed unfortunately. Niantic will release it in their own time…

definitely yes on 1 and 3.
Maybe a bit higher levels for the submissions (cause leveling an account to level 30 is pretty easy, and youre gonna clog up the submission system. Its happened in Ingress, and im pretty sure its still happening.
A raid map would be great. In Ingress (yeah i keep comming back to it. The game might not be great but it does do alot of things right) you can login to a map on your PC’s webbrowser. It will show you all portals, who owns them, and what the defenses on it are. You get ALOT of information.

Personally point 2 isnt required for me. If its raining i have a reason to do other things, like gaming inside or occasionally clean my house… It might be time again to do that.

I believe Niantic knows exactly what we want and need its just not at the top of the list. Possibly updating and keeping the game fresh with legendaries and events is their main focus while our other needs are still being toyed with.

Submitting pokestops and what not means someone has to check the globe and see whats there and how far a stop is from one another, that would be more man power needed.

Rain​:man_shrugging:t5: i dont like bad weather so :v:t5:

Raiding map can be made more larger i guess. That should be easy. It does suck having to zoom on the ingame map to try and spot a raid of some kind.

You can let other players check it. I think Pokemon players would be more inclined to just approve everything cause they dont care what a stop/gym is, but still.
And there already is a system for checking the distance between stops. Max 1 per level 17 cell. Thats an automated system, no need for manpower.

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is 17 cell small?

The largest cell is a Level 1, so a Level 17 is very small by comparison

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It depends a bit on where you are in the world, but in the UK its on average 4948.29 m2. It works a bit weird because you try to put a square on a globe. Length and width can vary but its arround 65 meters (could be 55, could be 75).

Need atleast 3 new stops near each other such as grouped stops or atleast super near. They can’t be tooooo far if that makes sense.