What Have You Seen/Caught The Most Of

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this and the previous thread has been closed so here’s the revival.
What Pokemon have you seen/caught the most of?
You can list them overall or by Gen.
It’s interesting to see whats common globally or how it differs depending on where you live.

My Gen 1 list sees a new leader and a new entry in at number 5 pushing Growlith out
In order of Seen - Caught - Capture %


My Gen 2 list order has not changed but Snubull is now my 4th highest seen over all Generations

Hoot Hoot_2128_1609_75.6%

Gen 3 has had a big re-shuffle of order with Wailmer jumping from 5th to 1st. Torchic has been the big surprise jumping up to 3rd pushing Duskull out of the top 5.



I’ve seen 547 pidgey and caught 411. That is 91 % caught.

Isn’t that 75% lol


I listen to Google and Google listens to me.


Hard to know the precise catch rates for everything from just our Pokedex stats, since they count every sighting whether we try to catch or not, even if we only saw something in a gym.

The top 5 have shuffled so often I haven’t tried to keep track The variability can be from spending more time in areas whose spawn rates are different than my usual places, or from seasonal game changes (like the month we all saw so many machops that even machop fans got sick of 'em, or the sunglass pikachu right now).

Generally pidgeys, rattatas, and whismers are at or near the top where I play, though.

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Very few whismurs were I am, havent seen one since they came out :sweat_smile::rofl:

I’ve seen a few but not that many…

Pretty sure you only get seen credit for 1 in a Gym once not every time you see one in a gym.
If we did my Blissey and Chancey numbers would be waaaaaaaay higher than what they are now as I’m bashing those pink punching bags every day Gym after Gym after Gym.

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Good point about the blissey / chancey numbers. Almost every gym I go into has a Blissey defending it, and my Blisseys-seen counter says only 3.

I only remembered having the pokedex say I’d seen a Mr. Mime but not caught one, when the only one I’d ever seen was one that another player had left in a gym. Same with Unown and Kangaskhan (and Farfetch’d, at least until the special weekend that Farfetch’d were spawning throughout our region).

I assume Swablu would be high in encounter rate (shiny checking)
I have like 6 shinies from 1100 encounters

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Ratatta 1232 saw 1002 caught
Pidgey 1125 saw 995 caught
Whismur 253 saw 250 caught

Magikarp: seen 789 caught 658
Murkrow: seen 170 caught 86
Wailmer: seen 324 caught 226

Gen 1: Ratatta 2173/1896 mostly because I’m trying to get Youngster gold medal
Gen 2: Teddiursa 643/316
Gen 3: Swablu 526/216

You’ve caught much more Magikarp than I have pidgey.

For me too.
If Pidgey was shiny I would have caught it more.

Ekans: 1592 seen, 1510 caught.
More than pidgey or rattata

I’ve caught like 400 pudgy and look at all those snakes :rofl:

Dessert biome

You must have alot of 100 IV Golems, how many?