What have You Caught the Most Of?

I did a bit searching and couldn’t find a topic that had this covered so here I am starting a a new new one.

A thread to post and discuss your most common Caught Pokemon For Gen 1 and Gen 2 or overall.
It will be interesting to see around the world what some have plenty of where others hardly see.
I keep rolling detailed list that I update from time to time and it’s been interesting to watch it change over time.

Put up your Top 5’s or just your highest?

Magikarp, 5772 Of Them To Be Exact.

Your playing in another league… the most I’ve catched are Spinarak’s (201 of them).


Here’s mine in order of: Seen - Caught,- Capture %_Pokemon
Bare in mind my capture % is tainted by a lot of Go Plus use. Magikarp is the only one not tainted as I manually throw those apart from the odd accidental Go Plus early press.

Gen 1
3534 - 2598 - 73.5%_Ekans
2905 - 2167 - 74.6 %_Geodude
2877 - 2145 - 74.6%_Sandshrew
2651 - 2096 - 79.1%_Pidgey
1929 - 1863 - 96.6%_Magikarp

Gen 2
2397 - 1553 - 64.8%_Snubbull
1614 - 1248 - 77.3%_Spinarak
1383 - 1102 - 79.7%_Hoothoot
1402 - 949 - 67.7%_Houndour
1156 - 861 - 74.5%_Sentret

I use a Rod and Reel for my fishing.
JoshHack has used a fishing trawler with a massive net. That numbers just crazy.


Try playing in London, Magikarp and Psyduck are all you ever catch

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I’ll take more Magikarp over catching as a many Snakes as I do.
At least the Karp has a good end use with Gyarados.


I can only find magnetmite and on occasion voltorb at home. Worst still I tried using lure module at home once and all I got was the same magnetmite + voltorb with addition of magneton and electrode…

Do my most caught Pokémon by far is Magnetmite.

Generation 1 is Pidgey with 2188 caught.
Generation 2 is Spinarak with 728 caught.

Gen I is Pidgey with 3287 caught and Gen II is Natu with 1249 caught.

You just got me there. After reading a couple of days ago about your high number of Geodude catches, I made a list of my catches and wanted to make a topic. Nice to see you had the same idea.

Here’s my top 5 per generation:

Generation 1:

Pokémon Seen Caught Ratio
Pidgey 4824 2613 54,17%
Rattata 3828 1851 48,35%
Weedle 2422 1380 56,98%
Pidgeotto 1555 1148 73,83%
Spearow 1394 639 45,84%

Generation 2:

Pokémon Seen Caught Ratio
Sentret 1903 1097 57,65%
Spinarak 1727 998 57,79%
Murkrow 1513 459 30,34%
Natu 1196 604 50,50%
Ledyba 1151 657 57,08%

natus and pidgeys everywhere as far as the eye can see

Gen 1:
4330 Pidgey

Natu 1003

Duskull 127

@Cirithungolem, are you a Go Plus or Gotcha user by any chance?
The Rattata, Spearow and Murkrow catch % is quite poor below 50%.

I got a Gotcha, but only since a month. But the main reason I guess is that I hardly ever throw a Great or an Ultra ball at common Pokémon. I keep them for better Pokémon.

Or I am just a poor thrower/catcher :slight_smile:

I don’t throw curve ball for example.

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