What does the last-activity info for friends count?

In the friends list each is tagged with “Today”, “Yesterday”, or “2+ days ago”… What activities trigger a change to that field – logging into the game? opening a gift from a friend? sending a gift to a friend? opening a gift from YOU? sending a gift to YOU? Something else?

Knowing how to interpret that could make it useful, while not knowing how to interpret it renders it meaningless. (It might as well be the number of days since that player last used the restroom…)

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I think it means when he/she caught a Pokemon.


When you see, for example, 2+ days ago, and the there is also the text, “… sent you a Gift!”, it means you haven’t opened the concerned Trainer’s Gift for 2+ days.
When it shows a Pokémon and the text, “… caught [Pokémon]!” and the activity status says 2+ days ago, it means the concerned Trainer has not caught a Pokémon for 2+ days.


That answer sounds plausible enough to be authoritative. Thanks.

I’d like it to remember more details, I guess. But if the game included every enhancement that each of us wanted, it would die from Malignant Bloatware Syndrome.


What is that ^^^^

It’s just a derisive term coined to refer to software that grows to a point where it’s too big to fit on the systems it was meant to run on, and where layer upon layer of patches start to interfere with each other and cause cascading page faults and other forms of intermittent, non-reproducible crashing.


It means fat app